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Our planet is something unbelievable. It is so diverse and beautiful, so unique and controversial. Earth is worth our admiring. The easiest way to explore all wonders and unique places of our planet is travelling. It is very romantic and it takes one's breath away because new emotions are always unforgettable. Just imagine yourself standing on the top of the waterfall or sitting among the tropical plants in the jungles. All these world wonders such as endless deserts, boiling volcanoes, icebergs and other phenomena are available for you to see with your own eyes. The words are not enough to express all your emotions.

But travelling is very complicatedactivity that is why you must be prepared to any kinds of surprises. In ancient times travellers have used maps as the main source of information. The globe and the map are the small model of our world. Nowadays maps are very useful thing especially when you want to explore some wild spots. Of course you can rely on your GPS system but we must never forget our past because new technologies are more vulnerable than good-old stuff.


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